About Service & Support

Tundra’s Service Department consists of trained and experienced technicians across western Canada. Unscheduled outages can cost upwards of 15 times more than scheduled downtime. Tundra’s factory-trained Service Technician Team is ready 24/7- 365 days a year to service all of your needs, reduce interruptions, and manage capital cost planning. Tundra’s Service Department will ensure your equipment is running efficiently, effectively and at full production levels

Departments Serviced:

–        Commercial & Industrial Boilers and Burners

–        Low & Medium Voltage Drives and Motors

–        Integrated Building Services

–        Gas and Flame Detection

–        Commercial & Industrial Instrumentation

–        Relief Valves, Valve Actuation & Steam Traps

Services Provided:

–        Remote troubleshooting and technical support

–        Long-term and short-term maintenance agreements

–        Start up and commissioning

–        Preventative maintenance plans

–        Shop and field repairs

–        Steam trap audits

–        Creation of critical spare parts list

Service Ticket Submission


PLEASE CALL OUR 24 HOUR SUPPORT LINE AT 403-255-5222 OR 1-800-265-1166