Tundra is a hub that brings together enthusiastic people, products, and packaged solutions. Using technology and innovation, Tundra provides a safer, cleaner and more productive way to do business.

Tundra Process Solutions was founded as an instrumentation and controls specialist in 1999. Tundra has since grown and diversified, and now provides a variety of solutions with a focus on in-house design and integrated packages to suit industrial, light industrial, and commercial process applications.

When it comes to complete turnkey solutions, Tundra specializes in instrumentation & controls, boilers & steam generation, water treatment, motors & drives, valves & actuation, artificial lift, panels & buildings, truck offloading and train loading.

Tundra recognizes the need for support beyond standard working hours, and Tundra offers 24/7 service to ensure clients are supported all day, every day.

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Solutions We Provide


Integrated Solutions

Optimized Integration – Tundra Process Solutions provides custom solutions including pre-fabricated process package equipment skids, buildings, and assemblies. In-house engineers and project managers work with clients to oversee engineering, design and project execution. Tundra offers both standardized equipment packages and custom equipment packages.

  • Tundra leverages exclusive relationships with manufacturing partners to develop and standardize process and electrical packages for best price, availability, and service (24/7).
  • Tundra provides in-house project and engineering oversight.
  • Tundra provides review and analysis of existing systems to offer refined, cost-optimized alternatives that leverage Tundra’s volume-basis and design history.
  • Client-specified component options are available.
  • Tundra recognizes that while client-needs are unique, a standard base design often exists. Standardized package availability includes:
    • Electrical buildings
    • Custody transfer packages
    • Process and Metering skids
    • Truck and rail loading
    • Quality systems including Chromatograph packages, Auto-samplers, Quality buildings (density, proving).


  • Complete package solutions with combined building and process skids.
  • Packages for a range of process conditions & equipment sized for each application.
  • Designed and supplied to minimize field work with respect to connections, terminations and installation.
  • Integrated systems based on standard process train sizes.
  • Designed and supplied to minimize field work with respect to connections, terminations and installation.
  • Process control, monitoring and reporting systems where required.
  • Design standardization for improved quality, process efficiency and deliverability.
  • Custom sampling integration (client-selected).
  • Fully engineered, procured, fabricated and delivered to site.
  • Includes pressure piping, instrumentation and pumps.
  • Buildings include HVAC systems and area-specific safety systems.
  • Sized for system flows (iterative design with client oversight) from standard meter run offerings.
  • Fully engineered, procured, fabricated and delivered to site.
  • Includes auxiliaries such as module lighting, insulation, EHT, local panels and accessories.

Tundra offers a full range of turn-key buildings, packages and accessories that can be custom designed to meet your needs.

  • Variable Speed Drive buildings
  • Electrical Services buildings
  • Electrical Switchgear buildings
  • MCC/ARC Resistant Switchgear buildings
  • Generator buildings
  • Main Block Valve buildings
  • Custom Hybrid Combination buildings.


Project Execution & Management

  • Dedicated Project Manager through design, construction and delivery.
  • Project tracking.
  • Status reporting.
  • Weekly and bi-weekly project coordination meetings.
  • On-site construction management.
  • Management of change requests.
  • Risk Management.
  • In-house document control.
  • Witness inspection and testing services.
  • Preservation and storage plans.
  • Certified factory-trained technicians available 24/7.


  • Electric Submersible Pump (ESP)
  • Custom Panel Solutions
  • Low Harmonic
  • RTU Panel
  • Communication, Controls & Marshalling Panels
  • Screw Pump (PCP) & Pump Jack (PJP)